Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TAZZARI ZERO experience since august 2010

On August 2010 I bought a TAZZARI ZERO.
In this blog I will write down my experience with this electric car.

First some technical facts to this Electric Car.
  • Driving Range 140 km are possible. I reached 120 km on normal condition and the battery was still not empty.
  • Energy consumption (plugged in energy). Summertime 12-13 kWh/100km (25°C) wintertime 15-16 kWh/100 km (-15°C)
  • Maximal Speed 100 km/h
  • Battery Life Cycle. The manufacture of the car says 80'000 km. The manufacture of the battery says 300'000 km. I will see.
  • Maintenance. The checklist says. Change the Oil on 5'000 km then on 10'000 and then all 10'000 km
  • Luggage space. There where two places with total 180 L space (In Front and behind)
    It's possible to transport my paraglider.

  • Wintertime, drive with snow. It's possible to drive also in the wintertime.

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